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November 30, 2005 · Print This Article


Well not really. I have till December 7th to \”complete\” the senior
project. I’m still tweaking, and adding small stuff but it’s pretty much
done for this stage.

Development slowed down a lot after the last post as I got bogged down in bugs, features that didn’t pan out and character modeling. At this point
I have a 1/2 finished character model for Link that I still need to
finish and animate so that I can program all the cool player movements.
Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to make the cut. :-(

Check back around the 7th, for the demo-to-date, the completed project
report, maybe even the finished design document and new screenshots.

Future Plans

After this I’m planing to re-write my \”Enviro-Torque\” dynamic environment module. Once thats done I’m going to port what I can to TGE 1.4 and then try to get the next phase of Zelda done. So keep checking back ;-)


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