Blendering Along

October 28, 2005 · Print This Article

The game is supposed to be 1/2 done by Monday, we’ll see…
It’s the learning curves and the art that are killing me, even though
I’m insisting I do as much as possible. Particularly painful was
learning Blender and QuArk modeling editors.

Already done since last time:

  • Programming:
    • Got the 3rd person \”Orbit Cam\” working
    • Got the logitec \”DualAction\” gamepad working
    • On gamepad: Correctly mapped both joysticks for 1st/3rd person controls
  • Art:
    • The first 8 or 10 textures for the game
    • Revised the elevation map again
    • Created a QuArk building and imported it into the game
      • Basic room template for all labyrinth rooms
      • Also did a stairwell/entrance for labyrinths
    • Added in some FoilageReplicator effects

In the works

  • Correctly turn off Terrain Repeating
  • Complete First Level prototype
  • Program Inventory System
  • HUD & Inventory GUI
  • Game Music & Ambient Sound


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